Cr. I Nutt  Cr. V Griffiths   Cr. T Hilton  Cr. M Bontoft Cr. J Chilvers  Cr. I Chilvers   Cr. J Thurlow   Cr. B Cook   Mrs J Jennings – Clerk
CHARGEPAYERS ISSUES There were no Chargepayers present. 
100.18  APOLOGIES         Cr. J Wells gave his apologies as he was unwell, Cr. A Quarmby gave his apologies due to a family commitment. These were both accepted.
101.18 DISCLOSURE OF INTERESTS To receive and disclose interest in matters to be considered at the meeting – in accordance with the National Code of Local Government Conduct.  The Register of Members Interests was available throughout the meeting.
102.18 MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING The Minutes of the Meeting held on 7th December 2017 were agreed and signed as a true record.
103.18  MATTERS ARISING None. 
104.18  REPORT FROM COUNTY COUNCILLOR Cr. Cliff Lunn attended the meeting to report on Brayton issues: Budget  The proposals at County Hall are almost complete now they have received confirmation of the funding from central Government. It is thought that the County Council’s part of the precept will be raised by 6%
Computers  Libraries in North Yorkshire have now been issued with over 420 free computers from the Micro Computer Foundation. It is hoped that volunteers will be available to help train young people, there is a website for volunteers and the Clerk will be sent the link so it can be advertised in our newsletter.
Recycling  Household Waste Recycling Centres will now have an enclosed container enabling smaller electronic items, such as laptops and mobile phones, to be recycled. 
Broadband  BT have been awarded the final stage of the broadband roll out in North Yorkshire.  BT do give the County Council a ‘finders fee’ for each take on they receive. Some properties will cost thousands of pounds to be connected in very remote areas.
Funding  Cr. Lunn has 280 in his locality budget, but unfortunately is not allowed to make a claim of less that 300. He has spoken to Friends of Brayton Barff regarding potential funding and will look again at their application in May when he receives a further 5000 for the year 2018/19  He is unable to help with the St Wilfrids request for signage, as these have already been purchased and erected.
105.18  REPORT FROM DISTRICT COUNCILLORS Cr. I Chilvers had nothing to report. The Planning Committee will meet next week, but there are no applications for Brayton on this Agenda. 
106.18 COMMUNITY AWARD Members discussed potential recipients of the Brayton Parish Council Community Award.  No award was given in 2017, the previous year the award had been received by Walter Sothern for his litter picking efforts in the Parish.   Mr Cooper from the Friends of Brayton Barff was nominated and all Members were in favour of this decision. The Clerk will contact him to ask if he will accept this award and the 50 donation to the charity of his choice.
107.18  CLERKS REPORT Meadowcroft   The recent planning application for land at Meadowcroft has been refused by Selby District Council. The Clerk has told all interested residents including Mr Henderson who has attended previous meetings regarding this matter. Christmas Lights   The Clerk has sent Thank You letters to all who attended or donated to make this event a success. A total of 397.50 had been taken on the day – including 101.50 for refreshments, 156 for the raffle and 140 from the stall holders deposits. It was agreed to give 100 each to the three School Choirs who performed and the Scout and Guide Band who played. 
Water Leak   The recent leak at the Baffam Lane / A19 junction has now been repaired, after a lengthy process of roadworks and traffic management.  Neighbourhood Plan   The Clerk is meeting Officers at Selby District Council on 10th January regarding more information on compiling a Plan.
Village Green Gutters  These are to be emptied by Jetaire, who have previously done this work, this week.  Cr. Chilvers will inspect the area to ensure the work has been completed. 
Snicket   The Snicket from the Swan to Beaumont Place was reported as full of litter at the last meeting. Selby District Council had been informed and Cr. T Hilton reported the area to be much clearer.
Wayleaves  All 4 wayleave payments have been received and banked. 
LED Lights   An email has been received from Peter Ball at North Yorkshire County Council regarding the upgrade: ‘The estimate to  upgrade the 12 parish lighting columns would be 6250 + vat   this includes replacing all with LED lanterns, full re-wiring, replacing two wooden posts with steel columns and two concrete posts with steel columns’.  All Members agreed these improvements should go ahead and the Clerk will contact Mr Ball to arrange the work to be carried out as soon as possible.
Emergency Plan   It was agreed to invite Wendy Muldoon from North Yorkshire County Council to the next meeting to discuss Emergency Planning.
Standing Orders  Copies of the Standing Orders were given to all Members and will be sent to Members not attending this meeting, to enable these to be reviewed at the February Meeting. 
Seating  The bench ordered a few months ago will be installed on the land near the Methodist Chapel next week by Selby District Council.
New Hedges   An email has been received from Groundwork regarding the money required to plant hedges on land near the Community Centre and to the rear of St Wilfrids Church car park. An application will be completed for both Tesco and Crime Commissioner funding.
New Members  The Clerk reported that over the last few weeks, she had received two requests to join the Parish Council. Both had been sent previous meeting minutes and invited to this meeting, but neither had attended. 
108.18  TRAFFIC ISSUES AND PARKING Cr. B Cook has spoken to Gary Lumb again and he has confirmed that now the roadworks have finished on Barff Lane, they can now install the counters for the requested traffic report for Brayton. Cr. I Chilvers reported that he has received several complaints regarding the parking of vehicles in St Marys Close, off Baffam Lane. Members discussed the continuing problems at all three Schools.
109.18   LITTER Members discussed litter in Brayton, and it was agreed to decide a date for the next litter pick in the Parish later in the Year. In the meantime, the Village Orderly will continue the weekend litter picks and the extra clear ups on a Wednesday. 
110.18  COMMUNITY CENTRE The Parish Council Representative, Cr. J Chilvers reported that the Centre has been closed since before Christmas, so there were no issues to report.
111.18 CEF The last CEF meeting was held last night; there is currently one vacancy on the committee with both Steve Shaw Wright from Selby Town Council and Andrew Quarmby from Brayton Parish Council wishing to apply.  The vote will be held at the next meeting.  Cr. Chilvers reported that the CEF did have 23,000 funding available over the past year – and has already used over 10,000 to improve certain areas.  There is still funding remaining which will be used installing more litterbins, clearing ‘Grot Spots’ and improving the area on Barlby Road near the BOCM factory.
112.18  POLICING No report had been received this month and it was agreed that this item will be removed from future Agendas. Cr. I Chilvers re-iterated the fact that Police do attend all CEF meetings. 
113.18  CORRESPONDENCE a) North Yorkshire County Council  Notice of rescheduled hearing for the Stopping up of Highway adjacent to 17 Mayfield Road which will now take place on 27th February 2018. Members asked what objections have been made and the Clerk will contact NYCC to discover the issues raised. b) Area 7 Highways  Information on how to report speed concerns and the process for how they are dealt with.  A local Road Safety Group – made up of members of the Police, Fire Service and Highways Officers – meet regularly to assess all submissions, made by the ’95 Alive Form’. If the site requires further analysis, the data recording equipment is deployed for one week and the results are discussed by the RSG, who will then agree an outcome.  Recent collisions and speed data are reviewed and these will determine if enforcement, engineering, education or community speed watch should be actioned. c) North Yorkshire County Council  Arrangements for urban highway grass cutting for 2018/19. The Parish Council will continue to undertake these cuts in Brayton and will receive funding of 750.44 from the County Council. 
114.18  PLANNING Applications Granted a) Variation of conditions for Units 1 to 3 at Selby Business Park. b) Erection of single storey garage workshop following demolition of existing dilapidated structure at 2 Turton Square. c) Felling of Oak tree covered by TPO 2/1971 at St Wilfrids Church, Doncaster Road.  
Application Refused 6 Dwellings on land off Doncaster Road. This application was refused due to the application site being located outside the defined development limits of Brayton and is therefore located within the open countryside. It would also have an adverse effect on the open character and purpose of the Strategic Countryside Gap between Brayton and Selby.
115.18  FINANCE Dawson Butchers - Light Switch On Refreshments 145.40 J Jennings - Wage January 846.00 Village Orderly January 395.00 Selby DC - Bench installed near Chapel 682.30 Hargreaves - 50% annual maintenance plus 3 rough cuts, Christmas Tree and Hedge cutting 5954.53 SLCC - Subscription 177.00 LAW Electrical - Sports Wall Lighting 190.08 These payments of expenditure were agreed and signed.   
116.18  REQUESTS FOR FUNDING Members discussed the funding requests received in the past year which are – Selby Citizens Advice, Selby District Council Chairman’s Charity Appeal, Friends of Brayton Barff and St Wilfrids PCC.  Cr. V Griffiths did not take part in these discussions and Cr. J Chilvers left the meeting when the Chairman’s Charity donation was considered.  It was agreed to make the following donations: St Wilfrids Church               170.00 Friends of Brayton Barff      300.00 Selby CAB            250.00 SDC Chairman’s Appeal     250.00 These payments will be sent by the Clerk immediately.
118.18   REPORTS   Cr. J Chilvers reported that the January meeting of the Burial Board has been cancelled due to illness and the next meeting will take place in February.
119.18   MINOR ISSUES AND ITEMS FOR THE NEXT AGENDA Cr. T Hilton wished to report the large hole that had appeared at the Linden Homes site on Barff Lane, this has now been filled and was work to complete the drainage system in the area. 
 Cr. I Chilvers wished to propose an event to mark the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War One,  including the planting of two chestnut trees to replace the 1917 trees. This will be put on the Agenda for the next meeting. Brayton Primary School are interested in assisting with any event we may hold. Cr. V Griffiths reported that as the Appleby Horse Fair is being held on 10th and 11th June, perhaps Brayton should be on alert for another visit of Travellers.
120.18  PRESS RELEASE Items to be included in the News Bulletin for January will be Vacancy on the Council, charitable payments made and the Micro Computer Foundation at Selby Library. 
Private Session.    It will be recommended that in accordance with the Public Bodies (admission to Meetings) Act 1960, in view of the nature of the business to be transacted, the meeting will not be open to the Press and Public during discussion of the following items by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted as there will be disclosure of exempt information as defined in Section (2) 122.18  WAGE REVIEWS FOR CLERK AND VILLAGE ORDERLY AND CHAIRMANS ALLOWANCE Members discussed these payments; both the Clerk and Chairman stated they did not wish their wages/allowance to be increased this year.  It was therefore agreed that there be no additions in the allowances for all three employees. 
123.18  CLOSURE OF MEETING The meeting was closed at 7:50pm