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Community Centre

Brayton Community Centre and Playground are currently going through some exciting improvements and developments.

Selby District AVS is a well-established local Charity, with a long and successful track record of running and supporting community buildings, spaces and projects.
We are delighted to have taken responsibility for Brayton Community Centre and Playground. We are passionate about maximising this wonderful space and committed to liaising and working closely with the local community as we move things forward.
Our vision is for the Centre to be a vibrant, inclusive, safe space for Brayton and the surrounding area. Over the coming months we will be working hard to make that a reality.
Please note - the playground is temporarily closed for urgent repairs, maintenance and for your safety. Apologies for any inconvenience. We aim to open this again as soon as it is safe to do so. We will be holding consultations with local children and young people, to plan for any improvements moving forward.
You will see lots of fantastic improvements to the outside areas over the next couple of weeks. Due to the time of year, we are consulting with an ecologist on any cutting back we are doing, to ensure that wildlife (particularly nesting birds) are not affected by any of our plans. He has been carrying out thorough surveys and advising us on areas to avoid and protect.

To enquire about making a booking or for more information, please contact:  
01757 291111
Visit the web site at 

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